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Pale Moon v4.0 RC2 (2011/ENG)

Pale Moon v4.0 RC2 (2011/ENG)

Pale Moon v4.0 RC2 (2011/ENG) | 10.5 MB
Pale Moon - is a variation of Firefox optimized for users of Windows, running 25% faster than the original FF. Chief, getting quick browser depends not only on the optimization of the compilation process, but also detail necessary to choose functions and choose the best settings.

Specificity of the browser:
Optimized for modern processors
100% e use of sources Forefox
Uses less memory than FF
High-speed rendering of pages and processing scripts
Support for SVG and Canvas
Support for extensions, themes, and "persons" of Firefox
The ability to use the Firefox profiles with a tool to migrate

Pale Moon browser has the following features:
* Source - 100% Firefox! This means that you get the reliability and stability of Firefox, as well as a wide range of options for Firefox and its features.
* In particular, it is optimized for modern processors. It makes full use of a set of extensions of the latest processors - as a result of this browser will not work on older systems.
* Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Canvas, both types of vector graphics.
* Support for extensions, themes, and personal information from Firefox.
* CSS to load and font support (including WOFF).
* HTML5 and enhanced support DOM.
* Significant increase in speed for writing scripts and display pages compared to Firefox.
* Use a little less memory than the official version of Firefox for the disabled functions
* Significant increase in processing speed, graphics and scripts on a Web page
* Support for extensions, themes and user profiles Firefox.
* Automatically selects any existing Firefox profile, and works with him.

Bugfix & optimization run of RC1. XUL fixed, find and some other functions fixed, misc branding issues solved
Should show near-release stability and performance now
Same notes as RC1 for components (ANGLE / status bar)


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