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Plexim Plecs Standalone v3.1.5 for Windows (x86/x64)

Plexim Plecs Standalone v3.1.5 for Windows (x86/x64)

Plexim Plecs Standalone v3.1.5 for Windows (x86/x64) | 59 & 62 Mb

PLECS® Standalone is an autonomous software package for time-domain simulation of power electronic systems. If you want to be independent from other simulation platforms, PLECS Standalone gives you the all-in-one solution for modeling complex electrical circuits and sophisticated controls in a single environment.

Thanks to its optimized engine, PLECS Standalone runs much faster than the PLECS Blockset. With the comprehensive block library, PLECS Standalone offers a cost-effective yet powerful solution for dynamic system simulation in general.

PLECS Features

» Fast and efficient semiconductor models

PLECS uses ideal component models where possible to simplify switching transitions and to allow for larger simulation time steps. At the circuit and system levels, this results in a fast and efficient simulation because only those details that affect the circuit response are modeled.

» Thermal loss modeling

PLECS supports the modeling of thermal structures and the calculation of switching and conduction losses. Simulation speed is not adversely affected during loss calculations since ideal switching is maintained.

» Powerful scope

With its revolutionary zooming and panning features, the new PLECS scope is a convenient tool for viewing your results. The scope has cursors for reading data values and measuring time differences, and can perform simple analyses such as obtaining the RMS value.
» C-Script

The C-Script block allows custom functionality to be implemented directly in the C programming language. The code is compiled internally in PLECS, there is no need to install additional development tools.



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