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Road Gangs v1.32-OUTLAWS

Road Gangs v1.32-OUTLAWS

Road Gangs v1.32-OUTLAWS | 131 Mb

Road Gangs is a vehicle based RPG set in a post-apocalyptic United States. There is a huge map to explore including many special locations to discover and use. Road Gangs has 23 vehicles, everything from a motorcycle to a trailer truck. Each vehicle is fully upgradable and combat is in real time.

How do you play Road Gangs?
There is a whole map of the United States to explore including an entire highway system and over 50 major cities to capture. The roads are very dangerous and your gang will be attacked by rival gangs, during combat you can issue attack orders to your vehicles such as ramming and boarding. The more cities your gang captures along the way the more points you will earn to upgrade your vehicles such as braking and mounted weapons.

What platform is Road Gangs available on?
Right now it's PC only but there will be a Mac version soon. Road Gangs was also designed to be netbook friendly.

How does the DRM work for Road Gangs?
Once purchased you will receive a license key to unlock the full version of the game. There are installation limits or hardware locking.

What is the vehicle combat like?
Vehicle combat is in a pausable real-time format and very tactical and your gang can have as many as 10 vehicles. Combat takes place in the country side, on the roads and in ruined cities. You can't actually steer your vehicles but you can tell them what enemies to attack or even patrol a certain area. You can also attempt to board and capture an enemy vehicle during combat, or attack a specific location of an enemy vehicle such as concentrating fire power on the tires. There are a variety of combat options available which makes each battle unique and interesting.



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