Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Windows 7 Lite

Windows 7 Lite Edition
Windows 7 Lite Edition | 819 MB

Windows 7 Lite! based of win 7 ultimate

I found this on the inter webs awhile ago and forgot the name to it.. If you guys know the release then let me know and i will update the info... Until then ENJOY!

Install Instructions!

1. Burn BOOTMENU.iso (this disc 1)
2. Burn 20091014_102940.iso (this disc 2)
3. Boot computer with BOOTMENU disk in and it will auto boot to menu
4. hit option 3 and it should start norton ghost
5. It should be auto from there...
6. when it asks for the other partition then insert disc 2 and browse if it does not auto find it and continue
7. Took about 20min to finish and it will boot straight to win7 after that!!!
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