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Speed ​​up internet browsing with SSH Tunnel

Internet connection problems in this country will never finish. This is because the fundamental nature of human self itself that is "never satisfied". So .. if we are given a connection to so many Giga Bytes / Second, even this will never be enough. Wanted .. getting faster and faster and faster and faster again. Especially for you users of Internet services such as IM2, Matrix, XL, Telkomsel, and other similar. Arguably, to open a web page just might take longer than 3 minutes.

Well, I have one trick to this address, namely the Tunnel (tunnel more complete explanation by r4dy4 http://www.jasakom.com/showthread.ph...ghlight=tunnel). Perhaps you are wondering, what's that tunnel?. Tunnel means the tunnel in Indonesian, so if you do Tunneling means you open the path / tunnel connection from your computer and then to the tunnel server and forwarded to the target server. To open this route you should have a tunnel server which serves SSH (Secure Shell). Next you must have an SSH client application so that you can connect with a tunnel server, several SSH Client PuTTY serting used and Bitvise Tunnelier.

In this article, I will be using PuTTY, because the size of this application is not so large to download. Once everything is prepared follow these steps:

Open the PuTTY application
Enter your tunnel server and port (default is 22)
On the tree menu on the left PuTTY application, select the connection-SSH
Tick ​​the checkbox "Do not start a shell or command at all"
Tick ​​the checkbox "Enable Compression".
On the tree menu on the left, select the connection-SSH-Tunnels
Enter the port values ​​that you want in the box enter the "Source Port", for example: 7212
On input selection, tick "Dynamic"
Click the "Open"
If true, putty will connect you with SSH server and Authentication Server will prompt the user. Enter your username and password. If user and password correctly, the server will still not display any messages anymore.

Up here you have opened the tunnel from your computer to the SSH server. Next is how to keep your internet connection can be through a tunnel that you create?, Way is to configure a proxy of the applications you use. For example, if you want your Firefox browser through this tunnel, click Tools-Options menu. Firefox will open the Options window, then select the menu Advanced-Network, click the Settings button to display the network configuration window. In the "Configure Proxies to Access the Internet" Choose "Manual proxy configuration" and uncentang checkbox "Use this proxy server for all protocols". Clear all input boxes Protocol and its respective port. Fill the input box "SOCKS Host" with its value is and port 7212. Click OK to close the network configuration window.

Now please you test your current Internet connection by opening a website, how? should be faster.

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