Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Apple Files Case with WIPO

A complaint has been filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on behalf of Apple Inc. regarding the domain name The Cupertino, California-based technology giant selling world’s most craved-for smartphone has filed a complaint with the aforementioned IP-centric group to secure, a domain currently owned by a forum hosting discussions about (what else?) the next-generation iPhone. Labeled “Case D2012-0951,” the complaint is not publicly disclosed in its entirety. However, all the necessary details are available at to make an idea about Apple’s intentions. The group mistakenly references the iPhone maker as Apple Computer, Inc., a dubbing Apple has forgone for over a decade. The company is called Apple Inc. The change was necessary soon after Steve Jobs' "second coming" in 1997 to symbolize the widened scope to other products, not just computers. The case (or complaint) is labeled “active,” meaning Apple may or may not be able to secure the domain (though the chances for the latter scenario are notably slimmer). The company acted similarly in the past, securing domains like after the iPhone 4 had debuted. However, this time around Apple is seeking to nab ahead of its next smartphone’s debut. While most press outlets still refer to the next-generation Apple smartphone as “iPhone 5,” Apple has offered every indication that its name may not include any numbering. At a special event in March, Apple unveiled the third-generation iPad calling it not the iPad 3, but “the new iPad.” Apple had named the predecessor “iPad 2.” Pressed to comment on their change of heart, Apple officials said they didn’t want to become predictable. Not that the next iPhone’s dubbing isn’t predictable now that we know Apple has done away with the numbering (“the new iPhone,” anyone?).

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