Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Apple Updating Sessions and Web Site for One to One Training Program

Apple is revamping its well-known “One to One” customer service program, extending and / or decreasing the time allotted for some sessions, improving certain aspects about Personal Projects, and updating the web site dedicated to One to One training. Training sessions can currently be scheduled for one hour, but Apple will extend that timeframe by thirty minutes - optionally, depending on the customer’s needs. The “workshops” will be renamed to “Group Sessions” and they’ll be promoted more lively than before. Unnamed sources leaking this information to 9to5mac reportedly said that users who need more time during One to One sessions will be able to sign up for a two-hour option called a “Personal Projects” session. “Apple has determined that 90 minutes (an hour and a half) is typically a sufficient amount of time for special projects. Along with a thirty minute time decrease, Apple is renaming the extended time program to ‘Open Training,’” the report states. Apple will be enhancing the web component of One to One where customers sign up or review their options. “The website used by One to One members to book in-store One to One appointments will be redesigned with a focus on improving user experience and website navigation,” the leak reads. Apple already provides a comprehensive section where customers can watch tutorials on many aspects of Apple’s wide range of products. Apple now thinks that’s not enough, according to people familiar with the matter. The aforementioned source adds that, “In addition to in-store sessions, the One to One program offers a website in which members can watch tutorials covering many of Apple’s products. Apple will begin rolling out even more tutorial videos with a focus on improved comprehensiveness.” Apple fans will be able to experience the enhanced One to One services later this month. The new web site will reportedly be online May 15th.

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